We’re Differently Different

That’s because we perceive things differently
we may not always say what you would
like to hear but we'll always tell you
what's good for your brand.


We Seem Crazy At Times

Not the usual, routine stuff ... what we come
up with, may seem disruptive or insane
but we enjoy breaking the rules and
creating new ones


We Hate Deadlines

Frankly, who loves deadlines?
We create and deliver best when we have
time on our side. However, we grudgingly
try and respect deadlines.


No Jargonizing Here

We don’t care much for text book theories
or processes ... we just go by the gut and
rely on raw, wild, unbridled talent ...
and we’ve been successful so far

Mango Innovations

A-4/15, Avilion Green Fields
Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road
Jogeshwari East, Mumbai 400093

Phone : 022 28230770

E-mail : mangoinnovations@gmail.com

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